Creating a product is tough. We make it easier, faster and put the excitement back into it. With a passion for transforming our clients lives we help you grow into your highest potential, by delivering specific services that are tailored to your product needs. With a passion for transforming our clients lives we help you grow into your highest potential, by delivering specific services that are tailored to your product needs.



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We provide efficient, profitable and clear cut solutions to our customers. We decrease cycle times, improve quality and decrease costs.

Precision Mechatronics is a cutting edge engineering design consultancy and manufacturer. We deliver solutions that benefit customers by designing quality parts, sourcing cheaper materials and saving on labour costs through outsourcing or automation. Our one on one support is unrivaled, with quick and easy to understand solutions. We deal with all groups and individuals, from established companies to one person operations.

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Documenting product design and manufacturing processes can be tedious, time consuming and often forgotten. Our experienced team knows how important documentation is and we do it fast, efficient and make it worthwhile.

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Designing complex parts and making sure they work is not as easy as it sounds. We help you to make the right choices from start to finish. Talk to us today to get your project started, but most importantly to finish joy and satisfaction.

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An idea can be a complex thing. Creating videos and images is a good way to show your market what you mean. We provide realistic marketing material that can easily convince your customers that your product is exactly what they need.


Designing, reverse engineering and prototyping can be tough, tedious, and sometimes feel impossible. If you make the wrong decision, you could be out thousands of dollars and months behind in a project. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you. With our team, 3D scanners and 3D printers we make it enjoyable, quick, and easy for you. Don’t let your goals suffer and let us help you reach them instead.


Do you have a great product, but need a place to assemble it? Are you tired of dealing with different companies? Not sure whether the quality you want will be met after sinking all this time and money into it? These are all great questions, and the wrong answers can crush you. Not all companies that design amazing products can manufacture them in house and that’s okay. Skip the months, thousands of dollars, and uncertainty with Precision Mechatronics. We will bridge this gap for you using our equipment, knowhow, and expertise. Let us do the hard work and steer you in the right direction so your dreams succeed.


Have a great product and a place to build it, but not sure how to guarantee quality products are built every time? This problem can destroy your reputation and the fantastic product you’ve painstakingly developed. Don’t be caught off guard and severely hurt by this issue. Our team has a collective knowledge of over 15 years producing products in Australia to be distributed worldwide. From jigs and fixtures to production testing, we have you covered. Make sure you meet your standard today.


Are you developing a product but worried you won’t meet engineering standards? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Misunderstanding standards and incorrect testing can be disastrous and unfortunately quite easy to do, especially if you don’t have the equipment or technical knowhow. That’s where Precision Mechatronics has you covered. Just answer a couple of questions for us, then wait for us to get back to you in a few short days. Whether it’s about the standard or what you want tested, we will tell you what you need to do and even do it for you, if you want.


Do you have a great product that’s already designed and ready to go? Do you need someone to manufacture your quality parts? Finding the right manufacturer can be difficult and the wrong manufacturer can ruin all the hard work you’ve done. That’s where we come in. Being an Australian Manufacturer we make this easy by providing you with amazing quality, quicker lead times and local support all at a fair price.

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"The guys at Precision Mechatronics are our go-to for anything mechanical. They are excellent at fitting our electronic designs into custom enclosures to creating product-specific test fixtures. From concept, prototyping and scalable manufacturing we have utilized their turn-key approach to numerous projects."
Sujit Nagarajan
Managing Director of Elemental Electronics



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