Market Research: Is there actually a market out there for this product? A lot of new products unfortunately fail very early on and that is because there is no actual market for the product or it has been configured for the wrong demographic. We aim to remove any doubts early on, do all our due-diligence and ensure that your product is in the best position possible from the start.

Feasibility Analysis: Finding out if the product is worth producing with regards to money, time, other resources and effort

Product Design Specification: Liaise with everyone involved in the project to have a clear outline of what it is we are aiming to achieve in this product including but not limited to: target audience, functionality, manufacturing process, safety standards, testing, quantity, ergonomics, sustainability, maintenance etc.

Development Plan: Map out the future stages of any processes involved; all the way to full scale manufacturing

Proof Of Concept: From multiple designs we select the best one. We then create a functional prototype, using processes like 3D printing and CNC machining.

Initial Build: Create a working model, with the correct material, through the structured build process
Testing: Run through a specifically configured test process to iron out any bugs in the design

Evaluation: Review the design and see how it performed overall; start looking into the future stages and how to strategically handle them



Final Specifications: Create the final version of the product that has had all the stages of production, functionality and required testing, verified.

Bill Of Materials: Create a list of all the components used for the final design, including all manufacturers used for each parts

Manufacturing Drawings: Complete set of drawings and files needed to manufacture each component

Quality Control Documentation: Drawings and Checklists including the acceptance criteria for all components and assembled units

Supplier Review: Selection process of the suppliers for all components; manufactured and off-the-shelf

Quality Assurance Documentation: Creating and assessing the quality documentation from suppliers to ensure quality is kept to a high level